EasyMarkets FAQs

Easy Forex is now EasyMarkets

Can anyone open an account with EasyMarkets?

As long as you are an adult with a verified bank account in a licenced country, you can trade with EasyMarkets. We are fully licensed across Europe and Australia. Our varied account options cater to members from different parts of the world. US users are not permitted.

Does EasyMarkets work on an iPhone?

Yes, it does. The EasyMarkets app is compatible with iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android.

What do I need to do to launch my EasyMarkets account?

It only takes a few minutes to create an account and launch your EasyMarkets journey. Click the sign-up button, and you are redirected to our registration page. The only details required at first are your name, email address, and phone number. You can then determine what type of account you are interested in and what level of risk you want to work with. Once your account is approved, you need to deposit funds to begin training and trading.

What are the main benefits of using EasyMarkets?

There are many benefits to using this platform- predominantly how accessible it makes FOREX trading to the general population. Even if you have limited trading experience, you can come here to learn and take your first steps towards a rewarding FOREX venture.

Is EasyMarkets trustworthy?

EasyMarkets is a well-established organization with a history of trustworthy business and loyal customers. We have a high trust rating on several review platforms and are backed by reputable liquidity providers.

Does EasyMarkets have a customer service department?

Yes, we do! You can contact a representative 24/7 via phone call to our offices (Limassol in Europe, Sydney in Australia). We also operate via email and live chat, so help is never far away.

What is Forex trading?

The Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market is all about comparing the current values of various world currencies and trading them against each other over a 24-hour time frame. You have a base currency (the one you are selling) and a quote currency (the one you want to buy). Depending on speculation and what way you expect each one to go, you take a long or short position. You can learn more by signing up for EasyMarkets.

How can I get better at trading?

Any trading takes patience and practice. Jumping in at the deep end with zero preparation is not the way to thrive. Instead, start small through a platform that provides plenty of training and guidance. The best way to get better at trading is to study markets and take advice from the people who know best.

Does EasyMarkets provide training material?

Yes, it does! EasyMarkets members have access to an extensive collection of learning materials, from pamphlets to live seminars. Hear an expert financial analyst talk on market trends and how to speculate smartly and without emotion. Study at your own pace through the various resources or pick a course and stick to it with one of the experienced professional team members.