Why Choose easyMarkets?

We are committed to making forex accessible, to teaching you how to trade better and to your success.

  • Unique simple margin calculation method that allows traders to leverage all available balance in their account
  • Guaranteed stop-loss on the easy-forex platform, which means you can never lose more than you are prepared to risk
  • Tight fixed spreads so that you can be sure that the rate you set is the rate you get
  • No maintenance margins
  • No commissions or deposit and withdrawal fees
  • Fast and secure deposit and withdrawals service
  • No dealing desk intervention. We believe in Dealing Room support, not dealer intervention.
  • Freeze rate, which means you can lock in the currency rates for a few seconds before you commit to your trades
  • Price improvement, which is a unique easy-forex feature which means you will get the best rate available to you
  • The Inside Viewer™, which provides you with insight into what other traders on our platform are trading, such as the most popularly traded currencies and deal direction and structure.
  • We offer personal service to all of our clients from a real person, not a machine.
  • Our experienced Dealing Room professionals provide assistance to those traders looking to take their trading to the next level. They can assist with trading strategies, provide market information when it is needed and execute orders at the trader’s request.

The easyMarkets platforms cater for everyone; from complete novices to professional traders. We support individual investors from the novice forex trader who wants to use a simple easy trading platform coupled with support and guidance - to the larger, more experienced traders who value support and want to deal with a regulated, trustworthy, recognised brand and trade with a platform which allows them to efficiently access the forex market. The variety of platforms we offer means that whatever you are looking for in a forex provider - be that the ability to trade anywhere in the world at any time, guaranteed stop-loss and no maintenance margin on easyMarkets platforms, tight fixed spreads, customisable charts and graphs, speed of execution, no slippage, or guaranteed fills – we provide it.

300+ ways to trade, free market training, VIP treatment and a ton of tools to help you succeed, all with easyMarkets

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